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Studio policies must be adhered to at all times.


Dancers show respect for the Studio by:

· Leaving gum, food, drinks (other than water) andcell phonesoutside of the dance room.

·Never hanging on bars in dance room or hitting the mirrors.

·No running or gymnastics in studio lobby or dance room. (unless it is a structured Acro Class)

·Placing all trash in its proper place as well as not leaving clothes behind in the dance rooms or lobbies.

·Never wearing dance shoes outside, and wearing a cover up over dance clothes.


Parents show respect for Dancers, Teachers and the Studio by:

·Staying away from the viewing door if it is obvious that the students are becoming distracted.

·Having students ready for class on time. No admittance into dance room after 5 minutes, unless we are aware that you are running late.

·Picking up students on time. There is a 5 minute window of time if it is the last class of the day. There is a $5.00 Fee for all

   students that are picked up late after the last class of the day due at the time of pick up.

·Watching over there children while waiting in the lobbies by; not allowing them to be disruptive to the classes that are insession, no running or horseplay,

   keeping the noise level to a minimum.

·Ensuring that their students know all of the studio rules.

·Addressing the Staff at XDA with respect and common courtesy.

·Addressing all questions at the end or beginning of class if it is a quick question, or by email/phone.


Dancers show respect for themselves by:

·Being on time and properly prepared for class.

·Wearing correct dance attire each week that is required for each of the different curriculum.

   If you have several different classes in one day you must be prepared for each class that you take.

·No jewelry except for small earrings are allowed in class.

·Carrying yourself properly for a young lady, by keeping your appearance clean and neat at all times.

·Please note that you are watched at all times by younger students, other adults and teachers. If you are not conductingyourself in a positive manner this

  shows poorly on you.This also does not set a good example for the younger dancers that may look up to you.


Dancers show respect for their peers by:

·Keeping their hands to themselves at all times.

·Waiting quietly while other students take their turn in class.

·Waiting for the class before to be finished before entering the dance room.

·Raising their hand when they have a question as to not interrupt the class session.

·Keeping our words to one anotherkind and polite.Any student that does not adhere to this rule may risk expulsion from the studio.

  If you are having issues with one of your peers it must be addressed immediately with the Mrs. Jessie or Ms. Ashley.


Dancers show respect for the their teachers and the art of dance by:

·Being properly dressed for each class and on time.

·Keeping your full attention on the instructor each time you enter the room. You are here to learn first and foremost.

·No sitting in class at any time unless asked to do so by the instructor; as well as no yawning, whispering, talking or havingprivate giggles during class time.Some of these may seem silly but they do show/or can be taken as a lack of respect for your teacher.

·Please do not take it upon yourself to correct your peers, all corrections need to be made by the instructor.

·Always be prepared when it is your turn.

·Always ask permission before exiting the class room if you need a bathroom break.Please use the restroom before entering your class.

·Be appreciative of corrections and always apply them. Students will only progress as fast as they take corrections.

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"What is a dancer.... When we see an acomplished dancer, we see the beauty and ease in which they dance. What we do not see is the things that allowed them to reach this level. A dancer is more than the years of technique. A dancer is determined, confident of others, and a person with strong moral character. They learn to push themselves farther than they thought possible. All of these things make them the dancer they are. My daughter has learned all of these things through the staff and other students at Xtreme Dance Academy. The teachers have taught her how to become a better dancer and person. They have been teachers as well as role models. I could not have asked for a better environment for my child to grow as a person and dancer. They say it takes a village to raise a child. Xtreme has been like a second family to my daughter. She has become a better dancer, as well as more confident, well adjusted, young woman. Dance is more than just a class a couple of times a week. It is a place that allows them to become a strong, caring, and confident young person."

-Lydia Witham