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Spring Session Parent Week March 13-16th Information & Concert Order Form

ALL Students will need the Lime Green Xtreme Shirt. If you do not have one please sign up on the wall in the lobby $10

Costumes: Most costume information is located in the lobby. If your students class is not up yep, we are keeping this costume simple. Please see teacher for information. Order tights through the studio for the show.

Concert Order Form: DUE APRIL 4th

Concert Fee:  DUE APRIL 4th    $45 for 1 student and $25 for each additional student. Students receive 4 FREE Tickets into their show. PARENTS do need to use one of these tickets.

Studio Sleepover: Friday May 5th – We are using this as a Floor Fundraiser as well. Cost per child $10 – This includes Pizza, Snacks and Drinks. You must sign up. Time is from 6:30 pm on Friday and Pick up is at 8:00am sharp!!! (mrs. Jessie is gonna need to go home and SLEEP!)


Snow Make Up Day:   Saturday April 29th – Times will be posted NEXT WEEK in the Lobby and Online

Picture Day:  Monday May 8th and Tuesday 9th All students are needed for the Group Picture for their class on this day. You are not obligated to purchase. Individual pictures are taken DURING the classes allotted time. Please sign up under your class time. Computers will be set up so you can view the pictures before you order and they will be mailed to your home. Times are located in the Lobby.

Dogwood Festival:      Saturday April 22nd  Line up at the corner of 3rd and Clay Street (Karma CafĂ© Parking Lot) 9:30am – Only students in classes that are 6-Under will be performing. They need to wear Lime Green Xtreme Shirt (Please order one if you are not a full season student and did not get one free) and Black Bottoms. Hair in a Bun.

STUDIO FUNDRAISER FOR FLOORS: Our largest expense in our move is building up the floors. We are starting another Fundraiser to help counter the cost. One Room can run from $3000 and Up depending on the size. We have to ensure the safety of the students and the floors must be raised. SELLING Boston Ferns!

Cost is $12 and Orders are due by APRIL 6th

SPRING CONCERT – More information will come out with the Concert Information Form

Saturday May 13th – Eastern Alamance High – 6-Under Show at 10:30 a.m. & 7- Up Show at 1:30 (This show may be lengthy-please prepare yourself)

Full Dress Rehearsal Show 1 Thursday May 11th at 5:30 EHS

Full Dress Rehearsal Show 2 Friday May 12th at 5:30 EHS  


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"What is a dancer.... When we see an acomplished dancer, we see the beauty and ease in which they dance. What we do not see is the things that allowed them to reach this level. A dancer is more than the years of technique. A dancer is determined, confident of others, and a person with strong moral character. They learn to push themselves farther than they thought possible. All of these things make them the dancer they are. My daughter has learned all of these things through the staff and other students at Xtreme Dance Academy. The teachers have taught her how to become a better dancer and person. They have been teachers as well as role models. I could not have asked for a better environment for my child to grow as a person and dancer. They say it takes a village to raise a child. Xtreme has been like a second family to my daughter. She has become a better dancer, as well as more confident, well adjusted, young woman. Dance is more than just a class a couple of times a week. It is a place that allows them to become a strong, caring, and confident young person."

-Lydia Witham