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New Studio Structure

We are super excited to offer this innovative approach to a dance season! 

After years of consideration we are shifting gears! My goal is to provide the entire studio (targeting my non-competitive) with the best possible training and structure that supports continued growth. I have thought a lot about the area that I am in and how best to serve this area.

We also offer Dance Companies for the students that wish to take their dance experience to the next level.

How will this new format benefit your family and performer?

Placement & Advancement:

                This format will give the students the opportunity to advance throughout the year according to their age or skill level. New students will be assessed the first two weeks of the session and moved according to skill. Current students will be placed according to skill level. All students will be assessed by the instructor before the next session and placed. Please see the age section for the examples in how the children move up when younger. Your student may be in one level or age division in the Fall Season and move up or change for the Spring Season in January.


More Performances:

                2 Concerts (Winter Show and Spring Show), Mebane Parade, Dogwood Festival, & More. Advanced students will have the opportunity to possibly perform with company at an away performance such as Carowinds, Disney or a Cruise!


Make Up Classes:

                If you are out or miss a class you will be able to attend any class within reason to make this time up.


Extension in class times…

                Because we will have to begin learned routines as soon as the season starts we will need to make the class times a bit longer. The first part of each class throughout both seasons will be focused on technical skills and the remaining time will be a focus on the piece. This extension in times will give each student more technical time throughout the entire year.


Family & Student Activities:

                This format will give the students that play sports an opportunity to join. With two enrollment times during the year the dancer does not have to choose which to do. They have more options to do both.


What does dance offer that other sports may not?

                Dancing offers a lifetime of opportunities. Most sports stop at the high school or collegiate level. You can dance for a lifetime! Dancers learn proper etiquette and discipline, time management, and team building skills. The art form builds strong, flexible bodies and minds. Whether you are a Studio Core Student (non-competitive) or a Company Student, you can set goals far beyond high school such as Dance Team in College or a Dance Company and more.


Can I take a different class each season?

                YES! You can take one style class the first half of the year and if you decide to try something different you can enroll for a new class for the second half!


Can I be an assistant?

                We are always looking for assistants for class and help in other capacities around the studio. Please come see Mrs. Jessie. Helping with classes and around the studio creates a since of pride and responsibility.



Will the scheduled classes change times or days?

                Each June I will assess the classes and make adjustments according to the need. The schedule will remain the same from July of one year, through both seasons (fall and spring) and end at the Spring Concert.


New Age structure and requirements…

                Our goal is to build strong dancers that are able to transition into any class that they wish. Some classes come with a previous class requirement or additional class requirements such as ballet. Tap is now combined through Ages 7&8 with Jazz. Tap is essential to a student’s training in musicality. Ages for class go as follows with an age cut off. Some classes may go 7-9 or 6-8 depending on the style of the class.

18 Months-2.5 /  3&4 /  5&6 /  7&8 / 9&Up


Enrollment and Sessions:

Summer Session – Enrollment Free / Opens February-June / Session 6 Weeks Begins Mid June

Fall Session- Enrollment Opens June & Closes October 1st  / Age Cut Off Sept 15th / Session runs from middle of August through middle of December. 4.5 Month Semester


Spring Session – Enrollment Opens November & Closes March 1st  / Age Cut Off February 15th / Session runs from 2nd week in January through end of May. 5 Month Semester




       Please see the Tuition and other Payments page for more information


If you have any questions about the new structure please contact the studio and we will be happy to help


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"What is a dancer.... When we see an acomplished dancer, we see the beauty and ease in which they dance. What we do not see is the things that allowed them to reach this level. A dancer is more than the years of technique. A dancer is determined, confident of others, and a person with strong moral character. They learn to push themselves farther than they thought possible. All of these things make them the dancer they are. My daughter has learned all of these things through the staff and other students at Xtreme Dance Academy. The teachers have taught her how to become a better dancer and person. They have been teachers as well as role models. I could not have asked for a better environment for my child to grow as a person and dancer. They say it takes a village to raise a child. Xtreme has been like a second family to my daughter. She has become a better dancer, as well as more confident, well adjusted, young woman. Dance is more than just a class a couple of times a week. It is a place that allows them to become a strong, caring, and confident young person."

-Lydia Witham