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Spring Concert 2016

Saturday June 4th at Eastern Alamance High Schol

Show 1 at 10:30 / Show 1 at 1:30

Tickets $10

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Summer Specialty Camp Enrollment Open

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 Officially Certified Acrobatic Arts Facility

 New Studio Structure!

Our New format offers more opportunites for all students to perform, advance throughout the year based on skill level, make up missed classes, move up sooner based on age and much more! 

Full Season & 1/2 Season Options

All students who enroll for 2015-2016 (Full or 1/2 Season) receive a studio shirt.




We are the only studio in Central NC that offers this type of format.

We believe this gives our Non-Competitive students more opportunites for advancing and performing! 


Looking for a different style studio. We offer more than just Recitals & Competitions. Performances at venues like Disney, throughout the year give the students opportunties and memories that last a lifetime.

Disney 1            













 Spring Concert 2016
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"What is a dancer.... When we see an acomplished dancer, we see the beauty and ease in which they dance. What we do not see is the things that allowed them to reach this level. A dancer is more than the years of technique. A dancer is determined, confident of others, and a person with strong moral character. They learn to push themselves farther than they thought possible. All of these things make them the dancer they are. My daughter has learned all of these things through the staff and other students at Xtreme Dance Academy. The teachers have taught her how to become a better dancer and person. They have been teachers as well as role models. I could not have asked for a better environment for my child to grow as a person and dancer. They say it takes a village to raise a child. Xtreme has been like a second family to my daughter. She has become a better dancer, as well as more confident, well adjusted, young woman. Dance is more than just a class a couple of times a week. It is a place that allows them to become a strong, caring, and confident young person."

-Lydia Witham